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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
/ 11:35 PM

i need to grow taller . yes and i luv-ed wed with make lolz we spent our cash on redundant but delish things yay :D thank you to the parentals who read this blog btw ! PARENTS FTW . you guys are the only ones who will spend $XXXX on my dress without feeling the pinch :) ILY ! <3 of course feeling the guilt x7129382 times for spending XXXX on one measly dress during the bloody recession but i luv it so . lol ily too :) i will find work soon *met a snr at topshop ! maybe i can go work there or something lawlz since i luv topshop and shop there 20 times a month* and buy you guys lovely things haha i need to be more xiao shun :D the best thing i ever bought for them was prolly bird's nest or something . o right and clothes, and cosmetics for mom. plus food. lol ok i need to be more xiao shun from nao on after they spent $XXXX on my dress :D ILY MOMMY AND DADDY !

Friday, February 13, 2009
/ 10:51 PM

I FOUND MY DRESS !!! fell asleep around an hour after my hour-long conversation with Jackz (who totally should cheerup because ILY !! <3) and woke up early today to dress up for Dempsey excursion :D bathed and sprayed my hair with liberal amounts of hairspray (i know it denotes a certain sense of insanity but: I AM ADDICTED TO MY HAIRSPRAY) and left the house in a vintage lafayette tee (courtesy of mommy darling) and topshop skirt + falke tights and miss selfridge flats . so safe :( i need to go out more . HAD LUNCH AT DEMPSEY ho boy it was so awesome . bought lemon sorbet sweets from L'organic , which had sweet nectar nestled comfortably in its heart . it brought my tastebuds to raptures when the first strings of the honey leaked out onto my tongue ! its delectable you guys should really try it . rather cheap too its around 6 dollars for the whole packet . walked around for a bit (okay it was more like an hour because mommy and i got lost in the winding roads) and browsed the shops there . found nothing to our fancy so we bused down to TriBeca in town , where i found my DRESS !!!! i love my dress for prom camp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so . specs: 1. its from Anna Sui 2. its liberally patterned (sort of tribal prints LOLLOL) 3. its $XXXX 4. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5. its a little long so i need to either hoik it up with my belt or tailor it . I AM IN LOVE WITH IT I HAVN'T BEEN IN SO MUCH LOVE WITH A DRESS FOR SO LONG !!!!! sets my sights on future purchases with Anna Sui god knows what other treasures i might find !!! I LOVE IT . thank god for TriBeca ! it brings in clothes from brands that don't have a standalone in singapore :D:D:D i was considering this Diane Von Furstenburg one , but i consulted grandma (lol not my real grandma wtf.) and she said the paint splotches in bright flourescent orange and yellow would most definitely scare the hell out of anybody who sees me . great . paint splotches and i are like chestnuts and meringue pie . exactly- no link . before TriBeca we went to BCBG and there was this dress which i loved but sleeveless , which probably means i needed a shawl like how that elenewhatsherface dictated during her talk . if its cold , it equates to a shawl . i dont see the point of going all aunty on such a nice dress so .. forget it . SO I GOT MY DRESS and now all i need are shoes , makeup and more hairspray . i see the hairspray disappearing soon *evil laughter* into the deep spikes and pikes of my mane . meh //

Friday, January 30, 2009
/ 7:50 AM

only those who are sincere tag . missing some usual tags no ? TYMJ<3 indobabyyy <3<3<3

Friday, January 2, 2009
/ 5:50 AM

hah the evil cheena peepo know about my saga with the 9 bags 6 shoes 4 shoes thing . damn funny i can afford cannot ar -.- queen of bargaining ! and everything else ya kno , HAH ive got more juice to spill wna hear ? inside story about the squeeziest people bwahahaha awesumz I LOVE OUR CLASS ! but not 2009 grozz :(

Saturday, December 27, 2008
/ 6:02 AM

hello living people . eh i just survived an empty Topshop store with nice salesreps ! soooooooooooo happy i got three dresses for CNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the better part of half a grand :D happyyyyyyyyyyy yay but no tops to wear with my drop-crotches *groans more shopping soon :D i admit fine there were some tops that couldve been matched with the drop-crotches but i said they were ugly so i'd have to go out more to shop :D muaha . errr and then went to azabu sabo for dessert and saw ah ben ! :D so cute heh / okay imma do more impt stuff then blogging about crap yes byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


p.s/ important meaning .. shop .

Friday, December 26, 2008
/ 2:50 AM

oh and i also got a necklace from Warehouse . something shiny and twisty . forms any thing i fancy . kinda liking it loads


p.s/ imy darling ! GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL NOW .

/ 2:32 AM

Ily mommy ! bought Hareem pants today ! Drop-crotches <3 i love em !! wanted to get slushy dresses from topshop too but they were too big :( 8 was big !! all drapey and huge . but oh well im going out shopping again soon and maybe then i'll get them ! so yes drop-crotches from WAREHOUSE ahhhhhhhhhhh i love love loveeeeeee !! <3333333 (staggering amount of cash off mommy's card account now kay imma buy her nice godiva chocolate as a thankyou ! :D ME LOVE !!)


/ a grim introductory
make another one grim story,
to paint us with oppressed hopes.
another facade of our true selfs,
can still shield us from the monster
as it goes back into foreign minds
with eager wings
i'm ready to fly. Spongebob lives in the sea, near bikini bottom, do you live in bikini bottom too? Hello I am a 435 year-old dinosaur and I am the very last of my kind thank you very much! I eat annoying little bitches for lunch. I am going to eat you. Yadda yadda yadda I want a cake for breakfast Nails for lunch & tacks for snacks Oh and add a cow while you're at it Fifteen strikes and you're out I study in posyland A stupidboy loves me And I love him back I need money all the time and clothes Buy me some ? I love photography shopping gossip and all that jazz Lagerfield is pretty rad and so is DKNY I love Topshop for cheap finds and F21 for more LOVE the UK and US for all of its vintage finery Shopping is my life- So are you
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ready to take flight

gonna soar above the skies,
jump & take to the skies
this spirit that takes a flight,
reaching beyond stars alight